Regional Transformation Warfare School

Regional Transformation Warfare School
  • Do you believe God has a desire for you to follow Him in releasing freedom through strategic level prayer? 
  • Have you seen God active as you pray and want to learn how to pursue praying over territories?
  • Want to learn team dynamics for an effective prayer journey?
  • Do you want to become effective in research for a prayer mission?
  • Are you willing to see how praying with effectiveness can release those blinded to the gospel?
  • Do you want to pray over nations?
  • Do you want to hear God's Prophetic prayer assignments and become His Voice for breakthrough?
Christian Harvest International Ministries would like to encourage you to become a student and receive an all-inclusive understanding of a strategic level spiritual warfare prayer journey.  Rebecca Greenwood, author of Authority to Tread, An Intercessor's Guide to Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare will be teaching this school.  She has trained in strategic level spiritual warfare for over 20 years.
This comprehensive training will cover topics such as:
1.        Receiving in depth direction on strategic level spiritual warfare prayer
2.        Seeking God for direction for the team
3.        Discovering God's assignment for you
4.        Forming the team
5.        Research and developing the prayer points for the journey
6.        Instruction in leading a team
7.        Prayer times
8.        Logistics for the journey
9.        How to war to see breakthrough
10.     Kingdom focused intercession
11.     Learn how to receive prophetic strategies for regions
12.     Understanding the spiritual dynamics involved in the prayer journey
13.     Scriptural foundation for direction from God and following His leading 
During this school, you will seek the Lord over a prayer assignment and go through the process of planning the details around it, complete the research based on the teaching received and submit a plan for this journey at the end of the school.  The decision to take the journey will be based on the direction you receive from the Lord. 
 (This is a Wagner Leadership Institute approved course)
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