"I have given my life to encourage women in ministry--and it thrills me to see a woman like Becca Greenwood emerging as a leader in today's church. Becca knows that effective ministry involves both the Word of God and the power of the Holy Spirit. She values both. I am so grateful for her balance, discernment and integrity. I wholeheartedly commend her."

J. Lee Grady Contributing Editor
Charisma Magazine Director
The Mordecai Project

"Becca Greenwood is an answer to prayers of many pastors. God has gifted her with great prophetic insight and the ability to teach and train churches and leaders in the spiritual skills of intercession, spiritual warfare, yet with a deep intimacy with God. Your church will never be the same when they sit under her anointing."

Apostle Naomi Dowdy founder
Trinity Christian Center Singapore

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Sid Roth
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