About Us

Christian Harvest International is a prophetic intercessory ministry called to impact our nation and the nations of the world. We are to equip the Body of Christ into a dynamic personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Teaching and ministering across generations with the purpose of empowering for transformation. Our heart is to impact families, churches, communities, cities, and nations. Awakening believers to their divine destiny of God in every area of life.

Our Faith-Based Programs

We disciple and train in prayer, spiritual warfare, deliverance, spiritual mapping, prophecy, our inheritance in the kingdom of God, leadership and how to live a life of purpose and destiny. We are committed to teach on the necessity and promise of living a life of personal freedom and victory and equip in deliverance ministry on how to achieve this. God does not desire for us to live a life bound by darkness!

We Partner with the Church

It is our desire to see all churches functioning with an effective, vibrant prayer life as we believe and teach on the necessity of prayer and its function in welcoming the Kingdom of God in a region.

We Minister to the Nations

CHI is committed to the mandate of discipling nations. Therefore, each year we travel the nations sharing the gospel and partnering in these lands through prayer for change and transformation. We also serve as an equipping ministry for those called to strategic-level spiritual warfare with a desire to see the Lord usher in spiritual transformation and revival to the nations and people of the earth. We train and send prayer journey teams into our nation and the nations to stand in the land to pray.

We Bring His Message to the Streets

Here at Christian Harvest, we have a heart to move beyond the walls of the church to reach the lost bringing them into the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and are involved in street evangelism to impact the lives of those who do not know Jesus as their redeemer.

Join with us as we create a legacy of faith and mission throughout our nation and the nations of the world.